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Police Beat

Woman arrested on warrant and possession

After seeing a police officer near the Admiral Gas Station on North Broadway in Hastings at 6:32 p.m. Aug. 11, a woman quickly began walking away. The officer stopped the woman, asked for her name and learned she had an active warrant for failure to appear in court. The officer arrested the 35-year-old woman and searched two bags she was carrying. The officer found drug paraphernalia which had white powder residue that appeared to be methamphetamine. The bag also had three bottles of pills, two of which had the labels torn off. The woman said she was carrying the bag for someone else and did not know what was inside. But when the officer had trouble opening a flashlight inside the bag, the woman said it wouldn't open because the batteries were corroded. The officer asked how she would know that and the woman said she saw someone else using it.


Pistol stolen from vehicle

A 29-year-old man called police Aug. 10, to report a gun had been stolen from his vehicle Aug. 7 in the 200 block of South Hanover Street in Hastings. The man said it was in a lockbox and he is checking with his neighbors to see if the theft was caught on camera. The investigation is ongoing.


Stray bullets hit Bristol Lake garage

A 47-year-old Dowling man called police to report four to six bullets had hit Bristol Lake just before he and his friends were about the go swimming. He added another bullet had hit his garage door in the 200 block of Sunset Drive. A neighbor knew who was shooting and directed the officer to their residence on the other side of the lake. The officer talked to a 65-year-old man who said he had been shooting target practice near his residence with his wife. The man was not using a backstop and said a Michigan State Police Trooper had inspected the area about a year ago and said they did not need a backstop due to the dense trees behind the shooting area. When he found out bullets had gone through the trees he apologized to the owner of the garage, offered to pay for the damage and said he would never shoot at his residence again.


Minor arrested for drinking and driving

An officer in the parking lot at M-179 Highway and Briggs Road in Yankee Springs Township at 12:40 a.m. Aug. 10 saw a vehicle pull into the lot and quickly leave after seeing the police cruiser. The officer stopped the driver, who had pulled away at a high rate of speed and failed to use a turn signal. The driver, a 20-year-old Freeport man, insisted he had not been drinking, despite open intoxicants in the vehicle. The man had a 0.029 blood alcohol content and was arrested. His driver’s license had been suspended had he had a prior arrest for operating while impaired. A passenger, a 21-year-old Wayland man, had two warrants and also was arrested. He admitted they had been trying to get away from the officer because of his warrants.


Jenison driver arrested for operating while impaired

An officer stopped vehicle on Briggs Road near Bass Road in Yankee Springs Township at 11:50 p.m. Aug. 9 after noticing a defective headlight and seeming the vehicle make a wide turn that put it into oncoming traffic. The driver, a 39-year-old Jenison woman had a 0.115 blood alcohol level and was arrested.


Woman causes two crashes while under the influence

An officer responded to two crashes and a suspected operating while intoxicated at 10:07 p.m. Aug. 7. A 21-year-old Middleville man said he had been driving on M-37 when a vehicle passed him at a high rate of speed. Soon after, he was driving on a curve, when the driver ahead of him slammed on its brakes and he rear-ended the vehicle. The man pulled over but the vehicle kept driving. A bit later, a 64-year-old woman was driving on M-37 when a vehicle pulled over in front of her, and as she was passing the vehicle pulled back out and hit her car. Then it began following tailgating her and flashing its bright lights. The woman called police and pulled into the parking lot of Bradford White Corp. An officer arrived and the driver of the suspect vehicle, a 37-year-old Middleville woman, admitted to drinking a box of wine. She said she had been rear ended, then immediately pulled over and followed the car until it pulled over. The woman believed the car that rear ended her and the car she forced to pull over were the same. She was not aware she hit a second car. She registered a blood alcohol content of 0.266. She was arrested.


 Driver crashes into equipment trailer, neither had licenses

A 20-year-old Caledonia woman was westbound on Sisson Road near Fighter Road in Irving Township, negotiating a curve when the sun blocked her view. She crashed into an equipment trailer parked in the road, and her car rolled over. She noted there were no markers or flags warning of the trailer. A 32-year-old Hastings man had been driving an excavator onto the trailer after cutting trees. Both drivers had suspended licenses, and the man had no insurance on his truck and improper registration.


Nashville woman evades phone scam

A 75-year-old Nashville woman called police July 31 to report a phone scam. A man with a reportedly thick accent called her claiming to be from Medicare and said he needed her insurance number. When she refused, he transferred her to his “manager” who said they needed her number or she would lose her insurance. The woman hung up and called the real Medicare and was told to call the Federal Trade Commission and the police. Later in the evening, the woman received another call from someone claiming to be her granddaughter, who said she had been arrested and needed money for bail. The woman knew it was not her granddaughter and hung up.


Tools stolen from Nashville garage

A 48-year-old Nashville man in the 600 block of East Street called police to report a chainsaw, battery charger and chop saw were stolen from his garage between the night of Aug. 6 and 2 p.m. Aug. 7. The man said his painter had been snooping in the garage, but the painter, 36 of Nashville, had been with his wife that night, which his step-son confirmed. The painter also showed the officer around his property to prove he did not have the stolen items.


$800 taken from teenager's wallet

A 17-year-old Wyoming woman reported $800 stolen from her wallet in the Middleville Shell Station June 16. The woman said she had been in her vehicle with a 16-year-old male friend from Middleville, and a 27-year-old Otsego man. She counted her money in front of them, then went into the station with her Middleville friend. When they went back, the money was missing, and the Otsego man was acting strangly. The woman said she did not report it at first because she didn't know what to do.

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